8 responses to “Caress

  1. Wow! Your so talented! Do you make like paper footballs and connect them together?

  2. hi, i saw your yellow dragon in another site and i really loved it, do you have the diagram, if yes, can you send me ?! thnx ..

  3. Your work is absolutely awesome. I am an elementary and Middle School art teacher and I would like to introduce a simple project to my classes. Could you recommend a book????? or suggest a project to introduce students to this beautiful type of origami? Thanks

    • Thanks for your interest in my work. I think your best source is the internet. Try searching for “Origami Resource Center”. It’s a great place to see the various styles of Origami. There are some very good projects for beginners. My work is a technique called Zhe Zhi. It actually precedes the Japanese Origami and originated in China. It also goes by many other names: Golden Venture paper folding, 3d origami, block folding. The Chinese form is an ancient folk art and is still practiced today. The Golden Venture story inspired me to take the folk art to fine art sculpture. I hope your search is a success. Enjoy the process.
      Francene Levinson, Paper Sculpture Artist

  4. Leonie Vilier

    How many pieces are in this gorgeous object?

    Do you cut and fold them yourself?

    Your work is inspirational……

    • Thank you. There are 3000 pieces in this sculpture. I cut pieces by hand and then fold each one 9 times into a triangular pocket. When I work on a sculpture it is similar to meditating. All my focus is on completion. This piece took about two months, six to eight hours of work each day. It is a thrilling medium to work in and each piece is a part of me. Francene Levinson-Contemporary Paper Sculpture

  5. Pariwash Jaffar

    I like this type of origami, this is the first time I know the exact name “Goldengami” and I always wanted to know how it makes. Can you please show me the steps. I would appreciate, if you can. The items you have made are marvelous and its amazing, and incredible.

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