Hello world!

Origami is the ancient art of paper folding with the potential to evolve into new ways of seeing the world. My art is formed from linked paper modules that are used to create a popular Origami style in China, as well as, Southeast Asia and Japan. While researching, I discovered that this very old Chinese art form was popularized in 1993 when a ship called the Golden Venture brought illegal Chinese immigrants into the U.S.A.

Further research allowed me to produce my own designs out of these Chinese folded units. Paper is as fragile as freedom. Amazingly, paper can be as strong as the desire for freedom when it is linked together in this unique form of art. My paper, multi-unit, origami bowls reflect individual frailty strengthened by the foundation of heritage. The construction process takes several weeks. There are often more than 600 individual paper units in my sculptures. Each unit is created from a small cut rectangular piece of paper of one particular color or another, which is then folded nine times, linked to another, and glued. This unique paper art allows me to create my own geometric beauty and give a singular voice to the unity of many.

I invite comments and questions about my original Origami designs. I will try to add new photos as my art is completed. 




2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. I use recycled papers when im doing 3D origami too. Your using so much paper and i hate having to wasted any of it.

    • Try making a small sketch of your idea, pre plan the color scheme, envision the direction of a particular form as you work on it. This all helps to control wasted paper. Don’t hesitate to correct what you feel is wrong with a design. That’s art!

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